Why Personalizing Your Business Is Essential For Success


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When you see someone on TV talking about the business that made them a millionaire, it’s interesting to hear the way they talk. While taking care to underline how good they are at what they do, they’ll usually say “it’s not rocket science”. That or some variation on the theme. The underlying message is that, for them, it was evident that there was a gap in the market and they could fill it.

This is encouraging but can be misleading at the same time. Sure, the person standing there may have piles of cash. They may have sway beyond what the ordinary person does. They have the power to make and break businesses by just nodding or shrugging. But to get where they are, they’ll have had to work. They’ll have had nights where they slept for maybe an hour. Sometimes whole weeks of nights like that.

Being successful in business is not simple. It will take that kind of work, that kind of commitment. But if you can bring that then you have a chance. You’ll just need to tie that commitment to a good idea that people will pay money for. As well as this, you’ll need to keep in mind that there’s a uniqueness to all successful businesses. If you’re going to blaze a trail, you need to have that thing that makes you, you.

A lot of business is governed by the law of diminishing returns. It can be very persuasive to look at what’s working for others and try to match them, but you are by definition entering a battle when you do so. If someone nearby is running a very successful vape shop, for example, opening one yourself might seem lucrative. But they’ve got established custom and niche experience; you need something different.

Putting your head above the parapet is risky. Treading the path less followed means a certain amount of uncertainty, and yet it is this openness to being different that will sustain you. When you’re planning a business website, you need to make it definitively you. That’s what grabs the attention, and what will make you the market leader in a world full of pragmatic copycats.

This does not mean that you need to make everything so esoteric that only you understand the business. There is a spectrum with humdrum, seen-it-before ideas on one end, and ideas so niche that they can only ever be small on the other. The place you want to be is towards the middle, but on the more niche side. That’s where there are gaps, and where you can find the pot of gold.

Your idea, your unique selling point needs to be easily communicated and definitively yours at the same time. This sounds tricky, but if you’ve already had the idea, you can swing it. If you know the idea inside and out, you can think of tweaks to make it unique. If you’re struggling to communicate it, then look for help. A skilled Web Development agency will have some ideas on how to give it a new spin.

The advantage of bringing a personal side to your business is that it makes it a lot more relatable. You don’t have to put your face on it, but it helps if people feel that the business is a bit more human than some of the competitors. You’ll have experienced it yourself – you feel more comfortable with a business when you deal with actual people. You don’t have to have long conversations with them, but niceties matter.

We all know of some business owners who are very present in the media. They are the public face of their company, and sometimes that face isn’t hugely media-trained. Sometimes, that’s an attractive thing, as a lot of people find mediatised owners a bit too charismatic. It is positive, though, to be the kind of person people identify with a business and say: “He or she knows what works, I trust them.”

Making a business successfully depends on a lot of things. It may well not be rocket science, as such. It’s also not “as simple as falling off a log” or “easy as 1-2-3”. When your business hits the heights, know that you have earned it. If you’ve outsourced some aspects, guess what? That guy or gal on TV delegated some things  too. So much of running successful businesses is in knowing when to do that.

In this business world, some people are going to succeed and some are going to fail. This will happen no matter how hard they try. Sometimes it’s got a lot to do with luck. But you owe it to yourself to try everything you can.

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