Why SEO’d Web Pages Are Better Than the Yellow Pages

When was the last time you actually used a phone book, and not as a booster seat or a door stop?

It certainly is no secret that times have changed, and on so many levels – the way children learn in school, long distance relationships, the way we order pizza, and the way we keep up with celebrity gossip, just to name a few.

As a result of this heavy shift and reliance on the Internet, smartphones, and social media, the need for phone books is practically nonexistent. Believe it or not, however, phone books still get printed and companies continue to buy ad space in them.

Nowadays, instead of searching through stacks of thin inked up pages, people simply search from a navigation bar, whether it be from a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. Hence, the significance of search engine optimization was born. Granted, it is possible to purchase advertisements and links online, but in order to achieve organic and high search results, SEO must be applied.

Aside from the fact that phone book advertising is old school, and online advertising via search engine optimization is new school, there are a number of other SEO benefits to be considered, such as:

1.      The cost of SEO is significantly less than the cost of ad space in a phone book.

2.      The audience for phone book advertising is limited, while the audience for SEO efforts is limitless.

3.      SEO can help you stand out, even in a highly competitive market, but phone books do not accomplish this since they are published alphabetically

4.      Online advertising with an SEO focus allows consumers to access a lot more useful information than a standard phone book advertisement offers.

Optimize Gets the Prize

These days, it is practically impossible to run a successful business without online advertising efforts. Furthermore, in order to maximize success, a search engine optimization strategy is critical. Consumers can tell the difference between a paid advertisement, and organic search results.

Achieving high search rankings organically via SEO is a sure fire way to attract new customers, build trust, and beat your competitors. Although optimizing your web page requires a lot more time and skill than purchasing a phone book page ad, it is still the better choice.

Unlike phone books, which are a dying form or traditional advertising, online advertising, with an emphasis on SEO, is not going anywhere anytime soon. In order to stay competitive, businesses of all sizes should apply the following tips in regards to search engine optimization:

  • Use captivating titles.
  • Meta descriptions should be straight to the point.
  • Producing regular and quality content is critical.
  • Studying keywords and search strings.
  • Make sure keywords are included in URL’s.
  • Keep in mind that backlinks are about quality, not quantity.
  • Stay on top of Google updates and any news pertaining to SEO.
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Kaity Nakagoshi is the online community director for a small Tampa advertising company. In addition to her role at Zelen Communications, Kaity is also a native Floridian, a graduate from the University of South Florida, and a pretty serious Tiger Woods fan. She enjoys hot yoga, online shopping, and napping. Follow Kaity on Twitter
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